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About AirQ


Our Mission

Sourced from a variety of raw materials found in Japan, including diatomaceous earth, zinc, and clay, AirQ Paint is the only product marketed in the US that actually absorbs odors and VOCs and regulates humidity.

At AirQ Paint, we are convinced that our paint will improve the lives of the people that buy it. As Newsweek Magazine recently reported, indoor air pollution is an enormous problem all around the world, causing more premature deaths than environmental outside air pollution. AirQ Paint neutralizes two of the biggest offenders -  Co2 and VOCs.

Our Beginnings

The air-enhancing capability of AirQ Paint was originally invented in Japan 15 years ago. Initially used in a plaster wall coating, the natural air cleansing capabilities lent themselves well to paint. Known as K-Paint, this product is widely used in Japan. AirQ Paint is the only licensed product brand of this paint available in the US.


Scientifically Special

The diatomaceous earth that is the basis for AirQ Paint is a soil found in ancient seabeds, where plankton and shells were deposited 8 to 10 million years ago, leaving only fossilized "silicic acid." Each particle contains numerous small holes of less than one micron. Diatomaceous earth is said to have a thousand times more holes than charcoal.

It is the performance of these small holes that gives AirQ Paint its ability to remove harmful VOCs and odors from the air as well as to control humidity.

By The Numbers

Do not take our word for it. Take a look at the numbers, they speak for themselves.

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