AirQ Paint: The Ultimate Odor Solution

Fast Acting

AirQ Paint neutralizes odors almost immediately (and the room stays smelling fresh indefinitely).

Ideal For Restoration Projects

Whether the damage is fire, smoke, water, or pet related, AirQ Paint can encapsulate odors on surfaces when used as a primer. If also applied outside as a finish coat, it will continue to deodorize the space.

Chemically Breaks Down Odors

Eliminates odors through a chemical reaction, not through absorption.

Scientifically Proven

Compared to an empty test chamber, the chamber painted with AirQ got rid of detectable amounts of ammonia almost immediately. And because AirQ Paint neutralizes odor, the odor doesn't come back.

The Product For Any Industry

From Hospitality and Healthcare to Residential and Commercial, AirQ is your perfect solution.

Incredibly Long Lasting

AirQ Paint deodorizes air almost immediately and can keep it smelling good for years to come.

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