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Provide a Superior Customer Experience
  • Limit Negative Feedback By Eliminating Odors!
  • Almost 80% of consumers consider guest reviews as relevant as recommendations from relatives.
  • It is estimated that a hotel can lose 22% of bookings due to negative reviews. This figure climbs significantly when multiple negative reviews are posted across different sites. These reviews can wind up being up to a 70% loss of potential guests for a hotel.
  • In many cases, a hotel may have far more smoking guests than "smoking" rooms, which often results in guests smoking in "non-smoking" rooms.In many cases, a hotel may have far more smoking guests than "smoking" rooms, which often results in guests smoking in "non-smoking" rooms.
  • Once the problem of smoky, smelly, humid hotel rooms has been solved, customer complaints about air quality will be reduced, online reviews will improve, and bookings will increase.

Senior Living

Healthier, Happier Communities
  • Anytime a new occupant is welcomed to a senior living facility, the room must be painted.
  • Wouldn't it make a better impression on new potential occupants if everything smelled fresh and clean?
  • AirQ Paint can go a long way to making sure that occupants, prospective occupants, and visitors know that your is as clean as it looks.
  • Best of all, clean air contributes to a better quality of life for residents and staff.


More Satisfied Tennants
  • Who wants to live in an apartment or student housing that smells like the previous inhabitant?
  • AirQ Paint eliminates any complaints that new tenants and potential tenants have about old, stale odors. AirQ Paint makes it easier to coexist in small spaces.


Highest Levels of Patient Saftey
  • AirQ Paint is ideal for long-term and acute care clinics.
  • This paint's unusual ability to neutralize toxic VOC's, deodorize, and regulate humidity promotes overall wellness, which is paramount in today's healthcare environment.


Your Fix For Smoke, Fire, and Water Damage
  • AirQ is the go-to wall coating to eliminate the odors left on surfaces by smoke and water damage.
  • One or two coats of AirQ Paint will encapsulate pervasive smoky smells.
  • Once a property has had water damage, AirQ Paint will help to regulate the humidity left behind and prevent mold from growing
  • AirQ is water-based and non-toxic, eliminating the need for installers to wear protective breathing gear.

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